Going Beyond Boundaries

After 35 years of Excellence in education, Al-Falaah College’s new online offering, the Al-Falaah Online Academy, is opening its virtual doors. The Al-Falaah Online Academy is committed to providing a compelling, CAPS aligned educational model that is an affordable alternative to our traditional mainstream schools.

Lessons Online and Off

Live teacher led interactive classes, where learners have multiple touch points for engagement and feedback balanced with flexibility for your child to view recorded lessons allowing them to learn around their personal schedules.

Online Safety & Etiquette

Every registered student will complete a Digital Citizenship Course which covers online safety and Etiquette for Online Behavior.

Socialising Opportunities

For students who reside close to our on-site campus in Durban, we will provide opportunities for social interaction

Balanced Screen Time

We are committed to finding a balance between Screen time, and time for working in books.

Hi Tech and Hi Touch! You can have both!

Learners can enjoy classroom engagement, active discussions, immediate feedback and personal interactions with a maximum class of 25 students.

Continuous Assessments

Formative Assessments are done on a continuous basis online, with formal written exams in June and November for Promotion purposes. Study Material and Guides are provided for all subjects with minimal textbook purchases.

Value-Added Programs

After-school programmes offered include:

  • Islamic Studies
  • Quranic Arabic
  • Coding & Robotics
  • Digital Citizenship
Synchronous Approach

Teacher led live lessons where learning happens in real time and where students interact with classmates and a teacher in a specific virtual place at a set time. This system provides a significant number of teacher touch points to ensure that your child is progressing in his/her learning throughout the day and can request for help as and when needed. Recordings of live lessons are always available at the learner’s convenience

Asynchronous Approach

This approach provides the flexibility for learning to happen around your personal schedule. The learning platform will provide materials for reading, recordings of previous live lessons for viewing, assignments and tasks for completion – all of which can be completed on your own – provided you meet the expected deadlines. Students progress when they are ready to do so. They can also take a step back and address specific gaps or progress faster without having to wait for the whole class.

Alfalaah Online